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Ultimate Starter Kit

Suits perfectly for those beginner nail technicians who desire to learn to master sculpting of gel nails using modern and high quality gel materials. Modern gels allow nail technicians to work faster while using less material. Clients do not feel pain during the curing and the danger of developing allergies has been reduced to minimum. Ultimate gels starter kit makes learning process easy as:

  • Ultimate gels are self levelling, easy to give the right shape to the nail without worryng that the gel might spill on the cuticles. (so-called „stable“ gels)
  • the nails on one hand are covered with the gel at the same time as gel does not flow on the cuticles,convenient for the client and nail technicians which means less time under the UV lamp
  • It's easy to take the gel from the bottle with the brush (there is no long stretchy gel string) and spread it over the whole nail extremely precisely, less time is required for filing
  • they are flexible gels that stick extremely well and can therefore be used on most nail plates, also on sensitive nail plates.

Discount 25%

  • Ultimate Builder Gel (15 ml)
  • Ultimate Easy On Builder Gel (15 ml)
  • French White Paint Gel (5 ml)
  • Exquisite Line Coloured Gel (5 ml)
  • Acid Free Bonder
  • Multi Use Top Gel (15 ml)
  • Nail Prepare Solution (100 ml)
  • Gel Brush – Cover 4LL
  • Gel Brush - Ultimate 6LL
  • Nail Art Brush – Artist 2
  • Nourishin & Soothing Oil (15 ml)
  • Residue Remover (100 ml)
  • Manicure pusher / Gel remover, Expert 20
  • Face and Nail Brush 1 pc
  • Nail cleaning wipes made from cellulose paper 500pcs
  • Zebra Half Moon File 150 grit, 180 grit
  • Wooden File 240 grit
  • Polisher file 100/180
  • Stiletto Forms (50 pcs)
  • Gloves size S 10pcs and size M 10pcs
  • Face mask (surgical) 10pcs
  • Quick Cleansing Gel (50 ml)
  • SUN Smart 2.0 LED/UV Lamp
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