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Performance No Wipe Top Gel

Topcoat of medium elasticity with long-lasting shine. Primarily suitable for artificial nails but can also be used on strong natural nails for Mereneid range gel polish aftercare. Smooths out the unevenness that may occur during the application of builder gel or coloured gel.


  • Long-lasting shine
  • Hardens all the way through
  • Thicker than average consistency
  • Excellent for correcting mistakes/unevenness
  • UV protection
  • UV/LED

Hardens in 2 minutes under a 36 W UV lamp and in approx. 40 seconds under a LED lamp. Apply on one to two nails at a time and then dry under the lamp to prevent the gel from running over the nail walls.

Please note: Does not brighten white colour. Extremely sensitive to light and heat, begins to harden quickly.
This topcoat cannot be soaked off. If you use the soaking-off method during aftercare, keep in mind that the Performance No Wipe shine gel must be filed off before you can carry on with soaking like you’re used to.


Code: 0400
Price: 12.90 €
Amount: 15 ml
860.00 € / 1l