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Multi Use Top Gel

Multi Use’ Top Gel is the most popular Mereneid completely drying top gel with high shine, which can be used in all techniques for making artificial nails. It is packaged in a bottle with a brush, which makes it a convenient-to-use product both for professionals and for nail technicians working at home. Cures both in UV and LED light.

Benefits for nail technician:

  • An excellent product for protecting coloured gels, brightens up colours, and does not make the nails too thick.
  • The UV blocking agent is added to the gel, which does not let the nails turn yellow.
  • Due to its liquid viscosity, the gel is applied just like nail polish, which makes it possible to achieve a beautiful result without much difficulty.
  • It is perfect for use during competitions, because its light cold tone brightens up the snow-white tip, and there is no need to remove a sticky layer, which helps to save time.
  • It can be used for adding a long-lasting shine to acrylic nails. It makes it possible to apply coloured gel on acrylic nails.
  • Its good elasticity makes it possible to apply the gel flawlessly even on most elastic nails without cracks.

Benefits for client:

  • Its good elasticity makes it possible to apply the gel flawlessly even on the most elastic nails without cracks.
  • Protects coloured gels from wear.
  • Gives strong and long-lasting shine.

Using the product: Dries within  to 2 minutes under a 36W UV lamp and under LED lamp within 60 seconds. Does not leave a sticky layer. We suggest you cover 1-2 nails at a time and then dry them in the lamp, in order to avoid the unpleasant spreading of the gel on nail folds.

Mereneid Multi Use’ Top Gel is manufactured following the Directives of the European Union and Good Manufacturing Practice. Microbiological and toxicological tests have been carried out by independent organisations of the European Union. 

Code: 0402
Price: 12.90 €
Amount: 15 ml
860.00 € / 1l