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Multi Use Top Gel Strawberry

Multi Use Top Gel Strawberry (Universal top gel) – The newest addition to the Mereneid series, this high-gloss top gel dries efficiently and is perfect for all kinds of artificial nail techniques. The pink/natural tone is ideal for clients who are tired of colours and want a natural look.

Benefits for nail technician:

  • Requires less time when applied directly to the builder gel as the colour and the top gel are combined together in one product;
  • The gel comes in a bottle with a brush, which makes it very convenient to use for both professionals and home users;
  • A thicker formula allows the gel to be applied on more than one nail at a time without having to worry about it flowing on to the cuticles;
  • Dries efficiently (does not leave a sticky layer);
  • Sets quickly;
  • Can be set with any type of UV-90/LED-60/CCFL-90 lamp;
  • Long-lasting shine.

Benefits for client:

  • Very natural artificial nails in less time;
  • Due to its high elasticity, the gel can be flawlessly applied to even the most elastic nails without fracturing them;
  • Provides intense and long-lasting shine.

Application: Can be set with any type of UV-90/LED-60/CCFL-90 lamp. Does not leave a sticky layer. Remember to lightly cover the underside of the nail's free edge when applying the top gel by moving the brush slightly over the free edge with even strokes when applying the gel.

Mereneid Multi Use’ Top Gel Strawberry is manufactured following the Directives of the European Union and Good Manufacturing Practice. Microbiological and toxicological tests have been carried out by independent organisations of the European Union.

Code: 0406
Price: 12.90 €
Amount: 15 ml
860.00 € / 1l