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Shape Camo Beige Builder Gel

Shape Camouflage gels can be shaped like builder gel, but they cover just as well as the best camouflage gels. Shape gels are clear market leaders in their price range. Non-runny camouflage builder gel with a slightly darker pink/beige undertone.

Advantages for nail technicians:

  • the gels harden under UV and LED lamps
  • the gels do no run on the cuticles, you can work on one hand at a time
  • the gels are strong builder gels suitable for stencils and tips
  • rich pigment covers problematic nail plates
  • easy to file
  • suitable for beginner nail technicians

Advantages for clients:

  • nails can be longer
  • convenient, as the gel is applied on nails one hand at a time
  • natural colours are perfect for working environments where a modest appearance is required
  • perfect gels for timeless French manicure

Use: Requires a base coat. We advise applying the gel in several thin layers, so that the UV light can penetrate all layers evenly (the maximum thickness of a layer of camouflage builder gel should not exceed 1 mm). Hardens in ca 180 seconds under a UV lamp and 90 seconds under a LED-UV lamp.


Code: 0344
Price: 17.90 €
Amount: 30 ml
596.67 € / 1l
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