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Onezy Beige Gel

Simplicity, speed and beauty are the keywords of our era. They also apply to Mereneid’s Onezy gel product, which combines the properties of a base, camouflage and gloss gel. This gel creates naturally beautiful, strong and long-lasting nails


  • Roughening the nail plate or using base and top gel is not necessary.
  • Tones and smooths the nail plate, leaving a natural gloss.
  • Makes it possible to lengthen the natural nail by a couple of millimetres using a stencil.
  • Easy to remove in ca 5 minutes.
  • Lasts long and is similar to gel polish.

Clean the nail plate thoroughly with the Nail Prepare Solution.
Apply a thin layer of the gel to the nail to achieve a natural, slightly translucent result. Add another layer to achieve a stronger nail.
Harden the product for 2-3 min under a UV lamp and for ca 90 sec under an LED lamp.
A sticky layer will be left on the nail, which must be removed with Residue Remover.
Removal: The product can be removed with a liquid containing acetone (Acetone Tip Remover). Wrap nails in this product for ca 5 min. After that, it’s easy to peel the product off the nail.
Repair: The stencil technique can be used to create a small extension if the natural nail is broken. Maximum extension 2-3 mm.


  • Don’t apply thick layers, as it makes the product come off the nail quicker.
  • The exact hardening time depends on the wattage of the UV or LED lamp.
  • Apply the MS Performance top gel on the product if you want to achieve high gloss.

Code: 0349
Price: 10.90 €
Amount: 10 ml
1090.00 € / 1l