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Gel Brushes

Gel Brushes


It was only a few years ago that nail technicians had no choice but to use brushes produced for artists, but now there are an increasing number of brushes produced specifically for the application of gel nails.

Brushes made for use with gels in particular have come a long way and now there is such a choice that it seems worthwhile to provide some tips on how to choose a gel brush and how to care for your favourite gel brushes too.

Gel brushes are essential tools for nail technicians and so you should choose the best you can possibly afford. You no longer need to seek out sable hair bristles because the quality of synthetic bristles has improved dramatically in recent years, and synthetic bristles work better with sticky gels than real hair brushes, which quickly get clogged up and lose their shape. You should however look for a high-quality brush with fine but dense bristles in the head that provide the firmness required for the best gel nail results.

Nail technicians originally tended to use a flat, square-shaped brush for each stage of the gel application process, but as with so many other things, a wider selection of gel brushes has now led to specialisation. Experienced technicians know that the different gel application stages use different viscosity components and that they can match the shape and flexibility of a particular brush to each stage.

The width of the gel brush is an important consideration too. Width is indicated by numbers on the gel brush label – the higher the number, the wider the brush head. Narrower brushes reduce the risk of applying too much gel than can be worked with comfortably and broader brushes pick up more gel, so in expert hands can reduce the process time.

Once you have identified some widths and shapes that work for you and your clients , you need to look after them. First, it is wise to buy brushes with cleanable handles and ferrules above the bristles. How a brush is maintained and stored determines how long it lasts. Gel brushes should be cleaned with solution A Brush's best Friend working in one direction, to avoid bristles becoming tangled. Clean gel brushes should be kept in a good quality pouch.

The Mereneid Sari gel brushes are made primarily from Tiger Toray synthetic hair (the best synthetic hair on the market) and from Toray Sablinsky synthetic hair which is equivalent to marten hair. The result is a choice of gel brushes that remain flexible while holding a very solid shape – making them perfect for precise gel application.