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The rapid development of gel system technology has led to a huge growth in the number of products available to technicians, so that now they are able to choose the gel system they find it easiest to work with and which best suits their clients’ nails and delivers the look the clients want.

When searching for the most suitable gels we take account of nail technicians’ styles and their preferred sculpted nail shapes which determine whether the gel will be applied in thick or thin layers.

Gels behave differently depending on how they are used so we need different gels. The best technicians blend their preferred style with the needs of their customers. Clients nail plates may be ‘dry’ or ‘wet’, or soft or damaged indicating the need for a gel with a flexible structure.

Our customers and students often ask us to advise them on which is the best gel. Unfortunately, there is not just one correct answer to the question; it is a matter of matching the style of the technician with the specific characteristics of the client’s nails.

The good news is that the range of gels now available makes it possible to find the perfect match.

Ultimate Starter Kit
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