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Mereneid Sari

Mereneid Sari

When we launched Mereneid Sari in 2000, our aim was simply to fill the gaps in the market that we had found as nail technicians. Some suppliers had some good wrap systems, some made great nail varnishes, but none seemed to offer the whole package.

Over the years we have done far more than just filling in the gaps. Now we talk to hundreds of nail technicians to find out what they need - and then we go out and get it for the Mereneid Sari range. We have learned that some technicians are devoted fans of acrylics, some love gels and some adore wraps. And thats why the Mereneid Sari will allways feature all three nail extension systems and also a huge range of the most up to date Nail Art, to complete the effect customers want.





Mereneid inherited its perfectionist aproach from its founder, and we have never abandoned the principle.

Today Mereneid Sari is a nail care brand offering a wide range of classic and fashionable products for all nail extension systems. Mereneid Sari products are appreciated by both professionals and amateurs, as we offer advice, tips and comprehensive product support to all our clients. We are very much aware of the needs of professionals and Mereneid Sari offers many of our products in larger volume containers that provide considerable savings.

At Mereneid, we have always valued both quality and aesthetics, and have constantly improved the appearance of the brand. Today Mereneid Sari retail products come in luxury containers, as we understand that it is important for professionals to be able to create an attractive feminine work station and for all our customers to feel proud of the nail care products they display.