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The Mereneid e-shop is a convenient way to buy a wide range of nail products without ever leaving home.

The Mereneid e-shop accepts orders from any European Union country and also to Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. (Customers from the EEA countries will be responsible for paying their own customs duties)

Our e-shop includes a vast number of products for both the home manicurist and professional nail technician. Mereneid e-shop prices include Estonian VAT at 20 %. VAT-registered buyers from EU countries other than Estonia are given an opportunity when ordering to obtain invoices excluding VAT. Sales to private customers from Finland attract a sales tax of 24%.
When customers have filled their e-shopping basket, they are offered a range of shipping options provided by the Estonian Postal Service. Prices are determined by weight, destination and speed of delivery to home or workplace.

To guarantee successful deliveries to customers abroad, we make all shipments outside Estonia using recorded delivery services that enable full tracking of the shipment. We will confirm the despatch of all orders going abroad by email and include an EPS tracking number.

The Mereneid e-shop has been carefully designed to be customer friendly and includes within the terms and conditions section detailed guidance on how to select goods, transfer payment and track delivery. We encourage first time users to familiarise themselves with all the guidance and other terms and conditions.

We wish you a delightful shopping trip to the Mereneid e-shop!