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Mocha Magic

Professional nail polish that covers and stays on very well. Please note: Nail polish is still the decorative product for nails that can be removed faster and more safely than any other.
Use of nail polishes:
Prepare the nail plate (push back the cuticles and clean the nail plate from dust and nail sebum with the Nail Prepare Solution).
Apply a thin layer of base coat on the nail (to make the polish last longer and protect the nail from the colour pigment).
Let the base coat dry for a couple of minutes, then apply the first thin layer of nail polish. Make sure that the polish does not run on the cuticles. Let the first layer dry for a couple of minutes and apply the next layer. Two layers are usually enough. Apply a third layer if necessary.
Apply the top coat as the last layer. Apply the top coat in such a manner that you also brush over the free edge of the nail. The top coat gives shine and protects the polish from wear. Let the polish dry for at least 15-20 minutes. You can spray some quick dryer on the top coat to make the top layers dry faster. The quick dryer allow the client to pull their coat or jacket over the fingers, but the polish is still soft inside.

The nail polish can be removed with the Acetone Free Polish Remover.

Code: 26016
Price: 4.40 €
Amount: 15 ml
293.33 € / 1l