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We stock a rich variety of colours, sizes, shapes, cuts and materials of glass, acrylic and plastic rhinestones. See also our exclusive rhinestone collection – when you want the real diamond look.
Diamond and round rhinestone sizes are shown by the international letter combination SS (Stone size), and at Mereneid outlets, you will also find the rhinestone size in millimetres on the labels to help you buy the best selection.

Some rhinestones or pearls are also labeled AB (Aurora Borealis). The AB effect has been in use since 1955, and means the rhinestone has a light coating applied to it that produces a beautiful rainbow sparkle effect. Most often used with crystal or light coloured stones, AB stones may also be darker too. The rainbow effect will vary according to the colour of the stone and even batch by batch, making designs unique. Unsurprisingly, AB effect stones are a little more expensive than untreated stones, but the iridescent rainbow shimmer really does make them stand out.

Rhinestones are very easy to use. Place the rhinestones in wet nail varnish or top coat and cover with 2 or 3 more layers of top coat, remembering to leave the layers to cure before adding each new layer.