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Nail & Cuticle Conditioner

An intensive hydrolysed keratin treatment for the nails and cuticles. Revives and strengthens fragile and damaged toenails and fingernails (after removing artificial nails, after fungal infection treatment or following damage from household chemicals). Leaves a protective layer on the nail. Systematic use will restore moisture and the elasticity of the nail and its resistance to external damage.

Use: Apply 0.2 mm of product to a clean fingernail and 0.3 mm to a toenail and massage gently. Repeat daily. For professional and domestic use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Hydrolysed keratin – restores damaged nails, strengthens them and helps to avoid breaking and cracking of nails.
  • Trehalose – disaccharide keeps the cell membrane healthy so moisture can penetrate the cell's core and the skin can restore itself. Has strong hydroscopic properties (absorbs moisture). Absorbs moisture from the environment and helps to keep enough moisture in the skin. Supports the skin's restoration and improves its elasticity. Absorbs odours coming from the human body.
  • MG-60 (maltooligosyl glycoside) – is a natural polysaccharide derivate (an alternative to glycerine) that has deeply moisturising properties providing the skin with energy at the same time. Provides the nails with a protective film.
  • Natural glycerine – has strong hydroscopic properties (absorbs moisture). Absorbs moisture from outside and keeps it in the stratum corneum, making it much more moisturised. Quickly improves the skin's elasticity and softness. Relieves irritation on very dry skin. Smoothens and regulates the correct restoration process of the epidermis. If added into nail products then quickly improves their elasticity.

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