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Ceramic oval drill bit, with lamellas toothing

Especially suitable for removing acrylic layers (color gels, acrylic layers) from the nails.
Tip is suitable also for therapeutic pedicures: For handling thick calluses, cornea and woody nails.
Suitable for risk customers.  

Ceramic bit material makes the drill:

  • extremely heavy-duty;
  • efficient;
  • long-lasting;
  • capable of ideal heat dispersion, which does not let it overheat.

 Lamellas toothing with cross-cut.

Coarseness: Medium


  • Working part length: 14.0 mm
  • Diameter (widest part): 6.0 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 2.35 mm

Can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath
Sterilize at 134 ° C in an autoclave under 2 bar pressure for 3 min
see also Aniosept Active (Medical Des / Steri Powder)

Code: 3461
Price: 25.00 €