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Mereneid Sari has Acrylic Liquids to suit nail technicians from beginners to hardened professionals:

  • Mereneid Sari Acrylic Liquid Prime transforms Mereneid Sari fast setting acrylic powders into applicable acrylics with a creamy consistency. The result is a highly formable, plasticy product that will not set too quickly, so even beginners can create beautiful acrylic nails.
  • Mereneid Sari Acrylic Liquid Adept is the choice of the experienced nail technician with quick confident brush handling skills. The resulting acrylic formulation is not self levelling, and the curing time is very fast and therefore the nail technican has to be skillful – but benefits by saving time to spend on more intricate designs.
  • When creating acrylic products to add to the Mereneid Sari range, we remembered those nail technicians and their clients who dislike the stronger smelling acrylic liquids. The almost odourless Acrylic Liquid Discreet is a product that helps keep the air in the salon fresher and reduces the amount of dust generated while filing.

Mereneid Sari acrylic powders:

  • Both clear and pink tinted, are fast setting acrylic powders suited to every climate.
  • The latest newcomer to the Mereneid Sari product range is Camouflage Natural Acrylic Powder, which has such a beautiful tone that it has gained many converts from diehard fans of see-through acrylic powders.

NB! To give any MS Acrylic liquid a turbo kick just add a few drops of Acrylic Liquid Booster!